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Facing a Tough Decision?

Facing A Tough Decision? In our jobs, relationships, and
even ordering dinner at a restaurant, life is full of choices. Most of the
time, the decision is easy. You want chocolate or vanilla? Easy. But if you
have a particularly important challenge and you're not sure how to approach it,
here's a technique that can help: Brainstorm a "Do Want – Don’t Want"
Take a sheet of paper and draw
a line down the center so that you have two columns. At the top of one column,
write Do Want. At the top of the other, write Don't Want.
Then brainstorm everything you
Do Want and Don't Want about the situation. Go back and forth between the sides
freely. Write down each thing you think, no matter how silly it sounds. No one
will read this but you.
For example, if you're stuck
trying to figure out how to advance at work, create a Do Want/Don't Want list.
Say things like, "I don't want my boss to think I'm being pushy." And
"I do want my boss …

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